State Enterprise of Special Post

History of State Enterprise of Special Post



History of State Enterprise of Special Post of Ukraine, hereinafter as SESP, dated back to August 1, 1939 when based on the Directive of Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR Special Post Service was founded to assure safe delivery of highly confidential correspondence of every governmental agency. 

At the beginning of the Second World War personnel from Special Post department evacuated important documents into rear area away from war and provided military troops of the South-Western and South Fronts, party and soviet bodies with delivery of correspondence.

After war years demands for special post service were increased: wider obligations, new documentation standards, expanding of delivery territory, increasing mail traffic.

During the years of independency of Ukraine work of special post services was reviewed and as of today State Enterprise of Special Post of Ukraine is responsible for special post services. It consists of 24 branches, 23 special post offices in every administrative centre of Ukraine and First Category Armed Guard Detachment (Kyiv).

SESP provides special services for state level events as elections, nationwide referendum, external independent testing for monitoring the level of education of secondary school leavers, etc.  

Since 1991 SESP has been providing international extra mail service (EMS) covering 189 countries worldwide. Starting from 2004 SESP becomes as a full member of EMS Cooperative of Universal Postal Union. According to performance results between 2008-2010 the enterprise was thrice awarded by EMS Cooperative: two times with Bronze Performance Award Certificate and once with EMS Customer Care Award as the best EMS Call Centre of the Year 2010.  

As of 2000 SESP provides security services of special communication entities and since 2005 based on obtained license – security of state and non state properties.

In 2013 SESP received Quality Control System Type Approval registered into certification agency record on 28.11.2103 with Ref. No. NOSP-0148/13. The Certificate (Registration number NOSP-0148/13 of 05.12.2016) confirms that the enterprise has implemented and successfully using quality control system on special post services, international EMS, uniformed security of objects and entities in accordance with current regulatory documents of Ukraine meeting requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Control System. Requirements”.

For almost 80 years personnel of special post enterprise have gained invaluable experience of working with diversity of consumers who choose special post service, that enables the enterprise to occupy its rightful place in the field of special services.

Life is pacing ahead but one remains the same it is kindness and attention to special service customers.