State Enterprise of Special Post

Customs Broker services Prices


Adopted by order No. 41
issued by State Enterprise of Special Post
on 14.02.2013
(as amended)

Implemented since 04.03.2013

General Provisions


1. Customs Broker services prices (Prices) are used by State Enterprise of Special Post and all its branches in the territory of Ukraine.

2. The prices are calculated excluding VAT, which is additionally charged based on the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

3. Customs Broker services are provided on the basis of a Contract.

4. Execution of a customs cargo declaration (CCD), its form, and submission and use order are subject to the Provision on Customs Cargo Declaration, adopted by Resolution No. 450 issued by The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 21.05.2012.

5. When onetime execution of more than one CCD for commodities (vehicles) which addressed to the same recipient, that are declared under the same code according to the Ukrainian Classification of Commodities for Foreign economic Activity, provided the single customs-approved treatment is applied to all the commodities (vehicles). Starting from the execution of the second CCD, 50% discount is applied to the price specified in clauses 2, 6, 7.


Service Measurement units Price without taxes, uah
1 Accreditation of a customer at the Customs one service 600.00
2 CCD-related declaring commodities and vehicles one service 1250.00
3 Drawing up CCD one declaration 850.00
4 Drawing up an additional sheet to CCD-customs declaration-3 one sheet 190.00
5 Drawing up a repeat CCD one declaration 255.00
6 CCD-related declaration of commodities and vehicles one service 1190.00
7 CCD-related declaration of commodities and vehicles with the customs control at the Cargo Department one service 1190.00
8 Declaration of commodities without CCD (a commodity value is less than 100 EUR) one service 435.00
9 Execution of a letter of approval at the Customs one sheet 435.00
10 Drawing up a prior notification (PN), drawing up an issue of a document for internal transit TR81 one service 310.00
11 Consultation on the customs clearance of commodities and vehicles per full/part hour 125.00
12 Drawing up a customs value declaration (a commodity value is more than 5.000 EUR) one service 85.00
13 Drawing up a repeat customs value declaration one service 30.00
14 Drawing up statements re. accounting and calculation of receptacles and packaging materials used for inbound commodities subject to the import customs clearance one service 50.00